Should you hire a Local Wedding Photographer?

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

3 Reasons to Hire a Local Wedding Photographer in Santa Barbara, California

Hiring the perfect wedding photographer can be a challenge. There’s so much to consider when choosing the right person to document your moments. Trust us – we get it. This is why we work as a team – to provide modern, honest and authentic Santa Barbara wedding photographers for new loves.  There is so much talent and potential that exists in Santa Barbara, Head & Heart looks to find photographers with this talent, and to help them break out into the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry.  We believe you should hire a local wedding photographer when holding your event in Santa Barbara, and here are three reasons why!


Local photographers know the secret spots for the best photos

We’ve shot in and around Santa Barbara for years. We know where, and when, to get the best shots! If there’s a secret spot – we know where it is, and we know how to get there. We can photograph you on a busy beach, and make it look like you are the only ones there. We know the best walls and backgrounds in historic buildings. We have perfected the light in these situations, whereas someone who doesn’t know the area might not have that knowledge or experience.


Local photographers know the venues

In fact, we have likely shot at the locations before or know someone who has! We know just the right angles to capture that perfect first kiss, or first dance. There’s no guessing game as to just where you should take your portraits after the ceremony. Looking for the best rooms for getting ready, and the best locations for photographing your accessories? Our team knows this! Knowing the venues allows us to work faster, which results in more, and better, photos for your wedding galleries!


Local photographers know the vendors

We all work together often in the wedding industry. We have had experience working with many of the florists, caterers, djs, bands, wedding and event planners in the area. This is a huge benefit, as we know how the others work, and we can use that knowledge to take your event to the next level!

These are just a few reasons why you should hire a local wedding photographer for your Santa Barbara Wedding. Our team here at Head and Heart Photography is knowledgeable, affordable, and talented. We will make sure that we capture your special moments in the most epic way possible! 

Contact us today to inquire about our team of photographers!

Shoule you hire a local Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer? Head and Heart Photographers say yes! Click here to read why

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