Meet Diana

Head & Heart Photographer Diana


A little bit about me…

I love to travel especially to Hawaii it’- s my home away from home. On the other hand I also love being home eating extra Hot Cheetos, snickers, and any snack I can get my hands on and of course, binge watching true crime documentaries on Netflix.

I love being outdoors especially by the beach something about the fresh air. I have a plant addiction and my apartment has a plant in almost every single corner. I mentioned earlier I’m obsessed with true crime shows and podcast currently listing to crime junkie I listen to it every week.

My husband and I have the cutest fluffy cat named Oakley who looks more like a raccoon. I’m all about being comfortable and if it were at all possible I would run around barefoot all the time. I may or may not rage out to Metallica on the way to your wedding to get pumped for your awesome day. I’ve been a photographer for four years now and I feel so blessed to have found something that I love entirely.

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