California Beach Wedding Photography

4 things to know about California Beach Wedding Photography

Santa Barabara and the surrounding areas offer many beautiful beach locations for your wedding or engagement photo session! We’ve written about some of our favorite beach locations in the past – and now we’re sharing our favorite things to know about having your photography session on one of Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches!

Here are 4 things to know before your beach wedding photography session!

1. You will get sand between your toes

You should definitely just take your shoes off. Keep a towel to wipe your feet off with and some beach sandals in your bag to make it easier to adjust from ceremony to photo session to reception!

2. Plan your shoot around the sunset

The Golden Hour is the hour before sunset. This hour is the perfect time for shooting beach photos and getting that great color that you see in sunset photos. Sometimes it’s not possible to include that golden hour in your timeline – it’s ok! Plan some time to sneak away from the reception to take a few sunset photos – it will totally be worth it.

Santa Barbara affordable Beach Wedding photos


3. Don’t be afraid to get wet!

Play in the water – it makes for amazing shots! Bring a friend with you to help you with your dress if it’s long. Remember -it will make for AMAZING photos. It’s worth it to get a little wet.

4. You will be doing a lot of walking

The beach is a busy place. In order to get that perfect shot, there might be a lot of moving involved, as well as patience! Relax, and enjoy the experience. We’ll make sure you remember it forever.



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