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Head & Heart Vanguards

Vanguardvan β€’ guard : ‘at the forefront of an action or a movement’

The Head & Heart Vanguard are talented local wedding photographers – and they are the reason I initially created Head & Heart Photography. They are photographers whom I have personally recognized as talented and under-valued in their area simply because they are up and coming and don’t yet have the “foothold” or the connections that more established photographers have. I have often identified them as representing ‘what’s to come’ in wedding photography over the course of the next couple of years.




talented local wedding photographers


Whatever they may lack in years of experience or number of weddings photographed when compared to H&H Artisans, is made up for by natural talent, drive and excitement for their craft. I will only ever invite some to be a part of Head & Heart Photography if I see the potential for them to become Artisan level photographers given the opportunity photograph higher end weddings than they are used to booking.



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