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Head & Heart Photography Senior Portraits

Head & Heart Photography Senior Portrait Photographers

Artisan Senior Portrait Photographers

Artisan Senior Portrait Sessions ~ $400

Vanguard Senior Portrait Sessions ~ $200

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Head & Heart Photography – Senior Portrait Photographers

Head & Heart Photography is home to some of the most talented, local California family photographers. It is a primary goal of Head & Heart Photography to pair talented local photographers with families who understand the importance of finding the best balance of talent, experience and ability that their budget will allow for. Click any of the links above to learn more about our headshot sessions.

Head & Heart is a locally focused, exclusive membership photography collective created with the purpose of finding the most talented and motivated local photographers, and connecting them with couples and clients looking to book a photographer whose work and personality they can be confident in. Each member photographer has gone through an application process that consists of a detailed online questionnaire requiring information about their experience, skills, goals and more, an in-person interview with me (Kiel Rucker), and (when opportunity permits) shooting with me on one of my weddings or projects. I do not invite a photographer to be a part of Head & Heart unless I am confident in their talent, personality, experience and their potential to grow as individuals and photographers. Can’t wait to show you what we can do!

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