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Los Angeles Photographer Ele Perez

Hello, My name is Ele Perez. I am a wedding, portrait, lifestyle and real estate photographer with a photojournalistic style and a keen eye for detail. I started photography at an early age when I borrowed my Father’s 35mm Canon on summer road trips with my parents. I asked my Father to let me use his camera throughout the trip. He ended up buying a second camera and at 12 his old 35mm camera became my camera! In high school I took photography as an elective as well as in college, I enjoyed the creative photography projects. I worked at the college news paper and magazine. I became senior level staff photographer and photo editor. I have plenty of experience photographing events in a photojournalist style.

After graduating Brooks College, I decided to move to France to study French, travel, teach and experience the French way of life. I took thousands and thousands of photos on all my years of traveling in Europe. I worked in France for a French magazine doing lifestyle photography and photojournalism as well as freelancing as a wedding and portrait photographer. After spending many years in France, I learned about the French way of life and I decided to move back home in Southern California. I am a Southern California Lady who speaks fluent French. Oui ! Parlez-vous le Français ?

Wedding photographers holds many roles on your wedding day, I cover everything from product details, to fashion, jewelry, flatly, photojournalism, classic portraiture, food, landscapes, architecture, event, dance, to night photography, and this list goes on! During your wedding, I have many opportunities to capture everything from the smallest details to the moments of pure celebration with you and your new spouse. You will have a wide range of photo in your photo gallery once your photos are delivered to you to be cherished for years and years to come!

I am a photographer of life and document all that matters the most to you on your wedding day or for your photography session. I will take care to understand your vision so you can cherish the genuine moments of your day that will turn passing moments into memories for a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you to chat about all your photography needs!