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Head & Heart Photography Second Photography Network

Top Tier Los Angeles Second Photographers

Los Angeles Second Photographers

Marina Gord By 2017 I was an associate photographer living and working in Chicago. I have photographed 14 weddings as a lead and over 50 as a second. I am currently based in Los Angeles and hope to keep on shooting!See Profile

Los Angeles Second Photographers

Song-An Song-An is an LA-based freelance photographer with six years of general photography experience and two years of working experience as lead photographer on headshot, graduation, and promotional photoshoots.See Profile

Head & Heart Photography’s network of local second photographers in Los Angeles have received the information entered into your second photographer request form and will likely be reaching out within the next 24 hours. In the meantime the 3 second photographers listed above have been identified as top-tier 2nd photographers in Los Angeles, and you can feel free to reach out to them preemptively if you like what you see in their profile info and galleries.



  • Head & Heart Photography assumes no responsibility for any interactions you have with second photographers on the H&H 2nd Photographer network.
  • Head & Heart Local 2nd Photographer Network is just that – a network, that I’ve created to connect second photographers with photographers in need of a second photographer (because I’ve been there soooo many times myself).
  • All communications, conversations and interactions that occur between Photographers and 2nd Photographers after or beyond the offering of access to this network is outside the scope of Head & Heart’s scope of responsibility.
  • Head & Heart Photography has nothing to do with any/all compensation discussed between, agreed upon or arranged between Photographers and 2nd Photographers.

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