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Modern Santa Barbara Weddings


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Use the link button below to complete a an application request to be considered for a Vanguard Membership with Head & Heart Photography.

Vanguard Memberships

*Choose all that apply. If your application is accepted for more than one of these options you will have the option to accept more than one position.
*A publicly visible display of your work is required to apply. I will not accept Facebook pages or any kind of Google/Dropbox type folder.
*Choose all that apply.
*How did you here about this opportunity?
*All initial communications will be sent from hello@headandheartphotography.com
*You should probably just do it now... hello@headandheartphotography.com ๐Ÿ˜‰
*The H&H Second Photographer Network is separate and distinct from an H&H Photographer Membership, but you can be added to both if you are the most qualified candidate at the time.