Cody Lang

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer


My name is Cody Lang and I have been shooting a variety of work for over 4 years. I am from a small island that you may have heard of called Maui. Growing up in Hawai’i we were always surrounded by not just amazing oceans and landscapes, but all kinds of people from all over the world who have helped keep my fascination with life strong. My mom is an artist who instilled in both my brother and I to always be involved in some sort of creative endeavor which has played out well for both of us. 

Photography has become a very big part of who I am, mainly due to the versatility that it provides in the work place. Getting to be involved in so many different environments is what I love so much. From commercial shoots for large tour companies to events to families and weddings, my camera has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. I look forward to getting creative with you! If you have any questions please inquire below 🙂

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