How it works


How it works

Head & Heart photography offers a limited number of positions on the site for wedding photographers, family/session photographers and videographers, and others – which means there will always be more applications than positions available.  After submitting an application I will review all of your information and be in touch about current openings with H&H, and if there are currently no positions available, I will let you when the next opening might be.  If there is an open position and you have the strongest application I will invite you to interview and potentially have you second shoot with me before making the final decision about offering you a place on H&H.

You are your own photographer

As a member photographer of Head & Heart Photography you remain your own photographer, but you are now also an independent contractor for Head & Heart Photography. As a member of H&H Photography you will have your own ‘mini-site’ complete with a bio, a portfolio gallery and an email address specific to your H&H account. Any weddings/sessions/events/jobs that you book and photograph for H&H will be done so as an independent contractor – this means, primarily, that you always have the right to accept or decline any lead generated by H&H. This also means that you must already be set up as a stand-alone, professional photographer before applying for membership.  Most importantly, you will have to be over 18 years old, own (and be fully competent using) your own gear and that you must have your own photographer’s liability insurance.

Communications & Booking

One of the goals of H&H is to create and maintain an atmosphere that is supportive to member photographers, but also allows them to continue gaining experience and building confidence in their ability to manage the business side of being a photographer.  So once a lead comes to you, it is up to you to establish contact, go over shoot details, logistics and package options with potential clients.  Once a tentative agreement is reached, you will complete and submit a contract creation request form that I will us to create and send out the contracts to clients who have agreed to book with you, on your behalf.


Depending on the nature of the shoot, clients will send their signed contract with a date reservation fee (deposit) to H&H to lock in their date.  All payments from clients will be sent to H&H either by check or some form of e-payment.  If a booked shoot requires a deposit and final balance, you will receive your split of the deposit as it soon as it has been delivered and cleared by our bank. Then you will receive the final payment upon completion of your each contract after you have delivered the final images to Head & Heart Photography. If the session booked is paid in full or requires only one payment, you will receive your payment after delivering your final, edited images to Head & Heart and completing your contract.  *Take Note* As an independent contractor, I member photographers receive a 1099 at the end of each year that are responsible for completing.

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