Beautiful Candid Photography by Braydon Russell

Beautiful Candid Photography

Braydon is a Santa Barbara native through and through. He grew up working in his family’s coffee shop on lower State Street, The Santa Barbara Roasting Company and absolutely loves his hometown and the unique cast of characters that comprise it.

He was introduced to photography at the age of 12 using a Nikon F3 film camera and was never the same. His love of film persists though he has moved into the digital age and is obsessed with his Leica.

Braydon has an innate passion for black and white street photography, capturing the true spirit and emotion of the humans around him which has served his wedding photography well over the years. This has also led to his ability to create beautiful candid photography. His artistic expression actually extends beyond photography, music has played an integral role in his life for the past 20 years. He taught himself to play the guitar, bass and ukulele and has played in multiple bands in Santa Barbara.